Invention Convention

Hi Everyone,

Springdale School’s invention convention will be held on Friday, March 2nd. The students will be coming home today with their invention binders. Inside will be their log where they will document the steps to making their invention. This log should be brought back to school every Friday so the teachers can check progress. Below are links to videos that we have shown the students in class to get them inspired to invent. We also created a list of “many, varied, and unusual” problems that we face every day. The lists of problems have helped the students brainstorm invention ideas. The trifold boards will be going home with the students on Wednesday, February 14th so the students can begin working on their poster over February break. Please feel free to email with any questions or comments!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


Hi Everyone,

Last week we learned about similes and metaphors. This week our focus is on idioms. Please see the images below of idioms we are focusing on in class. During the students independent reading time, they are to find idioms in their stories and add it to our figurative language wall. Please have them do this at home as well when reading. Thanks!

idioms 3idioms 4



Figurative Language

Hi Everyone,

We have started our figurative language unit. Each week I will introduce a new form of figurative language. This week we started with similes and metaphors. Please see the google slide link below to see the examples we used. We used the slide through a site called PEAR DECK. Pear Deck enables me as the teacher to teach with an interactive slideshow displayed on the student Chromebooks. They students were able to type out their responses in real time so I could gauge who was understanding the concept and who wasn’t in a quick, easy way. The students were also extremely engaged while viewing the slide show. Please click the link below to see the slide show.

google slide on similes and metaphors




Mood and Tone

Hi Everyone,

We are nearing the end of our realistic fiction unit. We have studied inferring,

theme, character traits, setting, plot, conflict, and now mood and tone. We have learned that  every text has a tone. You just need to know what clues to look for to find it. In this unit, students will learn what tone is, how it’s different from mood and how to analyze a text’s word choice and word connotations to infer the author’s or speaker’s tone.

tone and mood 4tone and mood 5tone and mood 6tone and mood 7