Fun Day of Learning

Today in reading, we worked on inferring character traits. Inference is an important skill to teach students. It is the gateway to the kind of higher-order, critical thinking students need to succeed in school and work. We did an activity on What’s Inside Miss. Gray’s Purse and what does it tell us about her? They were able to “infer” things about me by looking inside the purse! Below is a chart of what they found and what they inferred. Please be sure to discuss this activity at home.


Ms. Gray

photo (1)

Math Homework/Open School night/Book fair

Today in math we learned the Partial Difference Method. It is just an algorithm to solve a subtraction problem. The concept is tricky and we will be reviewing it again tomorrow. Tonight’s homework does not say that the students need to use Partial Difference Method but if they are brave enough to try it, I will give some extra credit. Below is an anchor chart to help them if they get stuck.

Just a reminder that we have the book fair tomorrow at 1:40. Please plan accordingly.

Open School night is Thursday.  It is an ADULT ONLY event.  Book Fair opens at 6 pm and the program for Open School Night starts at 6:30 in the auditorium.  Please consider bringing a coat for our Coat Drive!

Coats are being collected for our Coat Drive.  Please consider sending in a new or used (and laundered) coat or coats to be given to some of our families.

I hope everyone had a great Monday! Thanks and have a good night.

Ms. Gray


Working together with Grade 2!

Hello! Today Ms. Maheu’s second grade class and I linked up to get our kids to partner read together. We met outside on the field and partnered the kids up with a reading buddy. Second grade students were able to read to fifth and vice versa. It was so exciting to see the kids interacting with each other. The 2nd graders seemed a little nervous but our fifth graders were extremely welcoming and made them feel comfortable. Please make sure to discuss this activity with your kids.

Next week in math we will be working on subtracting of whole numbers and decimals using the partial sum method, addition and subtraction number stories, and estimating reaction time.

In reading we will continue to read the book “Journey.” We will focus on character traits, having meaningful discussions, and learning to use context clues to understand words we do not know.

In writing we will continue working on our memoirs. We will also work on adding sensory details to create mental images, using dialogue to develop voice and show character’s actions, thoughts and feelings.

Please see pictures below of our reading activity with our second graders. Thanks and have a great night!

image-15 image-18 image-19 image-20 image-21

Math/Recreating our shadows

We reviewed place value today in math. I divided the class into 5 teams each consisting of 4 students. Each student had their own white board in hand. I typed a number written in word form on our promethean board such as “four thousand one hundred and two” or “thirty three thousandths.” The students each had to write a digit on their white boards. The first team to have the correct digits in the correct order won Miss Gray’s Hall of Fame Pencils. It was a fun activity to get the kids up and moving out their seats during math.

In science, we recreated our shadows! We used a flashlight as the light source (sun) to reproduce the shadows recorded on our shadow trackers. Students were able to learn that while the sun is higher in the sky, our shadows are shorter. When the sun is lower in our sky, our shadows get significantly longer. Please see pictures below of this fun activity!

Thanks and have a great night!

shadows 4 shadows 5

Unit 1 assessment/social studies

Today we reviewed the answers for our unit 1 assessment. I was extremely happy with our results. Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. The highest score the students could have gotten was an 11. Please sign the test and bring back tomorrow morning as we need to keep the assessments on file. This afternoon in social studies, the students worked with partners on a reading of the French and Indian War and the Boston Tea Party. Students were able to pick their partners today and they did a great job at showing what hard work looks like! Please see photos below. Thanks and have a great night!

SS6 SS4 SS3 SS2 SS7image-14

Week of the 22nd

The upcoming week will be a short week due to the Jewish holidays. No school Thursday or Friday!

In math we will be starting unit 2. Unit 2 addresses 3 topics: estimation, computational procedures, and data analysis. Algorithms for addition, subtraction, and multiplication are reviewed and extended to decimals.

In writing, we will continue to work on memoirs and add circular endings. We worked on adding engaging leads to captivate the reader right away! The students seem to be really enjoying the process of their memoirs. I can’t wait to see their final pieces!

In reading we will continue to read “Journey” by Patricia MacLachlan. Annotating the text, determining the most important ideas to include in a one sentence summary, and making inferences are all concepts that will be worked on.

In social studies, we will continue working on the French/Indian war and the understanding “No taxation without representation!”

In science, we will continue with our shadow tracking experiment to get a better understanding of the movement of our earth and how it effects the sunlight.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Gray

Great day of learning!

We had such a fantastic day of learning. In math, we reviewed for our assessment tomorrow. One of the review questions was on place value. I gave each student a number with the place value of that digit. For example, the 4 had to be in the hundredths place. The students then worked in teams to arrange themselves so they would be in their correct “place value” position. It was a lot of fun to watch them discuss and problem solve as a group. Pictures are below.

In writing, we worked on writing our memoirs using a graphic organizer. We first filled out our organizer as a class with the memory of 4th grade field day! It seems that some students are still bitter about losing to Ms. Winn’s class last year! Hopefully this year, Ms. Gray’s class will take the top spot 🙂 The graphic organizer helped us separate the events of that day, and allowed us to focus on sensory details.

In reading, we worked on annotating text. We read a short paragraph on cell phone use and whether it causes laziness/obesity or not. After annotating, it was fun to take some time and have the kids share their thoughts on this topic. Great conversations took place.

Lastly in social studies, we learned about our fight for freedom. We discussed the Boston Massacre as well as the Boston Tea Party. After doing a group activity on this, the kids watched a clip from “The Liberty Kids-The Boston Tea Party” to end our day.

Excited for a full day of learning tomorrow!

Ms. Gray


Prime Factorization/Factor Tree’s


Today in math the kids were introduced to factor string’s! A factor string is a multiplication expression that has at least two factors that are greater than 1. Before I introduced this topic, I wanted to make sure the kids fully understood what a prime a number is. We watched a video of 5th graders learning prime numbers singing to the music of Katy Perry’s “roar.” The kids enjoyed this and were able to sing along. The video link is posted below. Please be sure to watch this tonight with your kids if the kids need assistance with homework, or just for fun. 🙂

Thanks and have a great night!

Ms. Gray



Your child should be bringing home a form to sign up for Ms. Gray’s remind messages. Remind is a free service that allows me to send text messages to groups parents and students from my computer or phone. It allows me to connect instantly with students and parents. Phone numbers are always kept private so communication is 100% safe and secure. Teachers can easily access their stored message history for any administrative requests. Reminders regarding fieldtrips, homework, school activities, website posts will be sent out. I sure hope you consider signing up for this tool. FAQ regarding remind is posted below. Any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me through email.


Ms. Gray





We had so much fun in science today! We went outside to observe our shadows at 3 different times throughout the day. Students worked in pairs and traced their shadows using sidewalk chalk. Each shadow was labeled with their names and the time of day. After each observation, students recorded in their science notebooks what they noticed. We discussed what is needed to have a shadow, the difference in size of our shadows, and the orientation of the shadows. We concluded that the orientation and shape of outdoor shadows change because the position of the sun changes continuously due to the earth moving.  Below is a picture of one of our outlines. Be sure to check the “photo’s” tab to view more pictures from this great activity!