Great day of learning!

We had such a fantastic day of learning. In math, we reviewed for our assessment tomorrow. One of the review questions was on place value. I gave each student a number with the place value of that digit. For example, the 4 had to be in the hundredths place. The students then worked in teams to arrange themselves so they would be in their correct “place value” position. It was a lot of fun to watch them discuss and problem solve as a group. Pictures are below.

In writing, we worked on writing our memoirs using a graphic organizer. We first filled out our organizer as a class with the memory of 4th grade field day! It seems that some students are still bitter about losing to Ms. Winn’s class last year! Hopefully this year, Ms. Gray’s class will take the top spot 🙂 The graphic organizer helped us separate the events of that day, and allowed us to focus on sensory details.

In reading, we worked on annotating text. We read a short paragraph on cell phone use and whether it causes laziness/obesity or not. After annotating, it was fun to take some time and have the kids share their thoughts on this topic. Great conversations took place.

Lastly in social studies, we learned about our fight for freedom. We discussed the Boston Massacre as well as the Boston Tea Party. After doing a group activity on this, the kids watched a clip from “The Liberty Kids-The Boston Tea Party” to end our day.

Excited for a full day of learning tomorrow!

Ms. Gray


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