Week of the 22nd

The upcoming week will be a short week due to the Jewish holidays. No school Thursday or Friday!

In math we will be starting unit 2. Unit 2 addresses 3 topics: estimation, computational procedures, and data analysis. Algorithms for addition, subtraction, and multiplication are reviewed and extended to decimals.

In writing, we will continue to work on memoirs and add circular endings. We worked on adding engaging leads to captivate the reader right away! The students seem to be really enjoying the process of their memoirs. I can’t wait to see their final pieces!

In reading we will continue to read “Journey” by Patricia MacLachlan. Annotating the text, determining the most important ideas to include in a one sentence summary, and making inferences are all concepts that will be worked on.

In social studies, we will continue working on the French/Indian war and the understanding “No taxation without representation!”

In science, we will continue with our shadow tracking experiment to get a better understanding of the movement of our earth and how it effects the sunlight.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Gray

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