Math/Recreating our shadows

We reviewed place value today in math. I divided the class into 5 teams each consisting of 4 students. Each student had their own white board in hand. I typed a number written in word form on our promethean board such as “four thousand one hundred and two” or “thirty three thousandths.” The students each had to write a digit on their white boards. The first team to have the correct digits in the correct order won Miss Gray’s Hall of Fame Pencils. It was a fun activity to get the kids up and moving out their seats during math.

In science, we recreated our shadows! We used a flashlight as the light source (sun) to reproduce the shadows recorded on our shadow trackers. Students were able to learn that while the sun is higher in the sky, our shadows are shorter. When the sun is lower in our sky, our shadows get significantly longer. Please see pictures below of this fun activity!

Thanks and have a great night!

shadows 4 shadows 5

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