Working together with Grade 2!

Hello! Today Ms. Maheu’s second grade class and I linked up to get our kids to partner read together. We met outside on the field and partnered the kids up with a reading buddy. Second grade students were able to read to fifth and vice versa. It was so exciting to see the kids interacting with each other. The 2nd graders seemed a little nervous but our fifth graders were extremely welcoming and made them feel comfortable. Please make sure to discuss this activity with your kids.

Next week in math we will be working on subtracting of whole numbers and decimals using the partial sum method, addition and subtraction number stories, and estimating reaction time.

In reading we will continue to read the book “Journey.” We will focus on character traits, having meaningful discussions, and learning to use context clues to understand words we do not know.

In writing we will continue working on our memoirs. We will also work on adding sensory details to create mental images, using dialogue to develop voice and show character’s actions, thoughts and feelings.

Please see pictures below of our reading activity with our second graders. Thanks and have a great night!

image-15 image-18 image-19 image-20 image-21

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