Happy Halloween!!

Happy halloween everyone! I hope that everyone has a fun but safe time tonight trick or treating!

We had a great time today in 208! We decorated pumpkins and went outside for a parade and some dancing! Please see the photos below of our Hall of Famer’s in their fabulous costumes!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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The Sun, Moon, and Earth

Today in science we discussed the differences between rotating and revolving.

The earth rotates (or spins) on its axis. While its rotating, it is also revolving or orbiting around the sun. The moon is also revolving around the earth! We were able to go outside and act out this process. Please see the picture below.

Reminder that tomorrow is the Story Book Character parade. It starts at 2:00. We will be having a pumpkin decorating party beginning at 12:30!

Thanks and have a great night.

Ms. Gray

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Students were “in the zone” today during independent reading time. It was a beautiful sight to see the students so deep into their books! They didn’t even notice me taking pictures! Read on! Please see pictures below of students reading.

Please see link below to have a preview of what’s to come in math tomorrow! Our lesson will be on protractors.

Room 208 celebrated a birthday today! Happy birthday Connor!

Protractor Video


Ms. Gray

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Productive Friday!

Wow! We had such a productive Friday! Mr. Ruben, is a character in One for the Murphy’s, Global Read Aloud book. He had assigned a project for his students. The project was to research someone who has changed the world for the better. I decided that it would be fun to do the same project in room 208 as our main character, Carley Connors! Students will be presenting the project through the educreations application. Educreations is an app where students are able to record their voice and create a video on the topic. Students researched information about their person during computer lab. We used the edmodo “backpack” feature which allows students to save important links, files, and pictures they may want to use for their video. The best part of it is, no matter what computer or iPad they are on, they will always be able to access their files from their edmodo backpack! We LOVE technology!

In reading, we learned about how to approach a video or text with a purpose. We learned how to determine important information and record it with organized notes. We watched a video on the solar system which sparked wonderful conversations. Students learned about the one way trip to Mars! (They all agreed that it’s a crazy idea!) Please talk to your students about this activity.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Gray

PS. Check out what we did in math today by viewing the video below!

Exploring Angles!

In our upcoming lessons in math, we will be doing a lot of work with angles, protractors, and using a compass. Before we start that, I would like to get the kids more comfortable with the types of angles we have and what they look like. Please see the link to the video below that I have created in hopes that it will help students gain a better understanding of angles! Students will be watching this video for Thursday night’s math homework. Enjoy!

Different Types of Angles by Ms. Gray

Full day of Fun

Today in math students were introduced to the “American Tour” in their students reference book. The objective of this lesson was to explore data collection, organization, and interpretation. Students read and answered questions about the U.S. Census. We went over what a census means and how it works. Tomorrow, we will be working on creating our own class census!

In social studies we continued working on our flip books on the French and Indian War and on the Stamp and Sugar Act. Students have been working in groups to read information about these two events then answer questions and create flip books in their social studies notebook. Please see pictures below.

We ended our day with the global read aloud! Moans and groans occurred at the end of the day because we left on such a cliff hanger! So excited to see the students get so into the book. Students will have a question Edmodo to answer tonight for homework.

Thanks for checking in!

Ms. Gray

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Math Assessments

Students got their math assessments back today. We went over each question thoroughly.I hope that by taking this time, it will clarify (our word of the week!) any misunderstandings for the students. Tonight’s homework will be to fix any problems they got wrong and to bring them back tomorrow.

After we reviewed the test, students played multiplication bull’s eye to continue their practice with the multiplication of 2 digit and 3 digit numbers. Pictures are below.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or concerns regarding the test. EGray@stamfordct.gov


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One for the Murphy’s/Dreambox

We are done with the first 2 weeks of Global Read Aloud! So far, the kids are really enjoying it! The read aloud is their favorite part of their day. Today we Skyped with Mr. Sapia on the first 15 chapters of the book. The students came up with questions to ask his students. It was awesome!

Today we had computer lab and we are finally on DreamBox! woo hoo!!! Please allow students to access this at home if possible. The DreamBox web address is https://play.dreambox.com/login/9gd3/springdalees. Students user names and passwords are the same as they are for Edmodo.

Have a great weekend!

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Math Assessment/Global Read Aloud

Students have a unit 2 math assessment tomorrow. We reviewed for it today and yesterday. They all brought home the review test tonight to study from. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Today in writing, we worked on writing a letter to Carley (the main character in One from the Murphy’s) from her foster mother. Students enjoyed this time where they were able to think about the story through another character’s perspective. At the end of the class, students were able to share out their letters.

There is a video of the students working hard posted on my instagram. You can follow me at MsGray5.


Ms. Gray

Finding the THEME

Today in reading, we reviewed for the performance task for unit 1. A performance task is an opportunity for students to show us teachers what they have learned. The performance task will be done over both Monday and Tuesday’s readings blocks of next week. Students first reviewed finding the theme of a story. Students discussed that the theme is the message or lesson that the author wants the reader to learn from the story.

Students then listened to the song “I Hope You Dance” and read the lyrics on the board as the song was playing. They then broke out into groups and reread the lyrics to discuss what the theme of this song was. Students came up with wonderful idea’s on what they believed the theme of the song was. Students then broke up and read a story and worked with partners to write a short summary using the strategy we learned yesterday and to find the theme. Pictures and the song students listed to is posted below.

Math unit 2 assessment will be this Friday! Picture day tomorrow!

Thanks and have a good night!

Ms. Gray

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