Productive Friday!

Wow! We had such a productive Friday! Mr. Ruben, is a character in One for the Murphy’s, Global Read Aloud book. He had assigned a project for his students. The project was to research someone who has changed the world for the better. I decided that it would be fun to do the same project in room 208 as our main character, Carley Connors! Students will be presenting the project through the educreations application. Educreations is an app where students are able to record their voice and create a video on the topic. Students researched information about their person during computer lab. We used the edmodo “backpack” feature which allows students to save important links, files, and pictures they may want to use for their video. The best part of it is, no matter what computer or iPad they are on, they will always be able to access their files from their edmodo backpack! We LOVE technology!

In reading, we learned about how to approach a video or text with a purpose. We learned how to determine important information and record it with organized notes. We watched a video on the solar system which sparked wonderful conversations. Students learned about the one way trip to Mars! (They all agreed that it’s a crazy idea!) Please talk to your students about this activity.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Gray

PS. Check out what we did in math today by viewing the video below!

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