One for the Murphy’s/Dreambox

We are done with the first 2 weeks of Global Read Aloud! So far, the kids are really enjoying it! The read aloud is their favorite part of their day. Today we Skyped with Mr. Sapia on the first 15 chapters of the book. The students came up with questions to ask his students. It was awesome!

Today we had computer lab and we are finally on DreamBox! woo hoo!!! Please allow students to access this at home if possible. The DreamBox web address is Students user names and passwords are the same as they are for Edmodo.

Have a great weekend!

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Math Assessment/Global Read Aloud

Students have a unit 2 math assessment tomorrow. We reviewed for it today and yesterday. They all brought home the review test tonight to study from. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Today in writing, we worked on writing a letter to Carley (the main character in One from the Murphy’s) from her foster mother. Students enjoyed this time where they were able to think about the story through another character’s perspective. At the end of the class, students were able to share out their letters.

There is a video of the students working hard posted on my instagram. You can follow me at MsGray5.


Ms. Gray

Finding the THEME

Today in reading, we reviewed for the performance task for unit 1. A performance task is an opportunity for students to show us teachers what they have learned. The performance task will be done over both Monday and Tuesday’s readings blocks of next week. Students first reviewed finding the theme of a story. Students discussed that the theme is the message or lesson that the author wants the reader to learn from the story.

Students then listened to the song “I Hope You Dance” and read the lyrics on the board as the song was playing. They then broke out into groups and reread the lyrics to discuss what the theme of this song was. Students came up with wonderful idea’s on what they believed the theme of the song was. Students then broke up and read a story and worked with partners to write a short summary using the strategy we learned yesterday and to find the theme. Pictures and the song students listed to is posted below.

Math unit 2 assessment will be this Friday! Picture day tomorrow!

Thanks and have a good night!

Ms. Gray

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What’s happening in 208?


I hope you all had a great weekend! Please make sure to hand in your after school activity forms ASAP if your child wants to participate in an after school program. First come first serve.

PICTURE DAY will be this Thursday, October 16th. Please bring in order forms ASAP. Our pictures will be taken from 1:40-1:50 in the afternoon.

Today is writing, we worked on summarizing. We want our kids to be proficient (and feel confident) in taking out the important elements from a piece of text, both fiction and non-fiction to write a summary. Today’s summary lesson only focused on FICTION.  The format/strategy we are using to summarize is:


We first discussed what is means to summarize. We then worked together on our “someone wanted but so then” strategy to summarize the first 5 chapters of One for the Murphy’s. Below are pictures of the charts we created today to be hung in the classroom.

Thanks and have a great night!

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Fantastic Friday!

WE DID IT!!!!! We earned the most money out of the 5th grade classes. We finished 2nd overall in all of Springdale School! So proud of room 208’s Hall of Fame Students! They all ran hard and had lots of fun.

Today, we skyped with Mr. Sapia for our Global Read Aloud on One for the Murphy’s. Due to technical difficulties, my Promethean board crashed right before! Fortunately, Miss Slocum’s students welcomed us into their classroom where we were able to complete the skype. Lot’s of great questions were asked by all classes. It was such a fun experience. We hope to do it again next Friday.

Please remember this is a long weekend. No school Monday. See you all on Tuesday!

Ms. Gray

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Heating the Earth

Today in science, students set up an investigation to find out what happens when the sun shines on four earth materials: water, sand, dry soil, and wet soil. They monitored temperature of the earth materials for 20 minutes in the sun and the shade. They organize the data on a graph and relate the differences in temperature to the properties of the materials. While the students were waiting to record their temperatures over the elapsed period of time, they were able to independent read their “just right book.” Please see pictures below.

The Springdale Sprint is tomorrow! Room 208 is currently in 2nd place! Way to go 208! Can’t wait to see what kind of runner’s this class is made up of!

Thanks and have a good night.

Ms. Gray

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Partial Products Method and Global Read Aloud

Today in math we learned the partial products algorithm to solve a multiplication problem. We used a bow tie reference to help us learn the steps needed to take in order to solve the problem properly. Before we started the lesson, I felt that it was important for students to really grasp the concept of expanded notation. So we split the class into 5 teams and played a game that dealt with expanded notation. Be sure to discuss this activity at home with your kids.

We continued to read “One of the Murphy’s” We met with Miss Slocum’s class outside and had “meaningful discussions” using our fishbowl technique. It was great to see the students collaborating and discussing the book with each other. Pictures are below.

Mrs. Rokkam has let me know that “One for the Murphy’s” is $4.39 on Amazon Prime. She is buying one for Dhruv and would be happy to order more if anyone would like a copy. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mrs. Rokkam!

Thanks and have a great night.

Ms. Gray

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