Students are working on long division in math. They have been taught multiple ways to solve. One way is familiar to you and I. The “old” way. The other way is called “partial quotient method.” Students were exposed to this method in 4th grade. At the end of the unit, students will be able to solve using any way they feel most comfortable, but it is still important to know how to solve using both methods. Please see the video below if students need help with their homework tonight.


Ms. Gray



Today during our writing block, students put their finishing touches on their non fiction reports. For those students who are typing at home, please have reports in no later than Tuesday, November 25th!

The students who were done started on their Educreations presentation on their person who changed the world for the better! Mr. Ruben, the teacher in our Global Read Aloud book, has the characters working on a project on someone who has changed the world. Students researched and found someone who they believe has changed the world for the better. They did a quick summary stating person’s name, where and when they were born, what they did to change the world, and when they died. After that was complete, students went out in the hallway to prepare their presentations!

Educreations is an exciting app that transforms your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. It records your voice, handwriting and also allows you to insert pictures to produce your own personal video lessons that teachers and students can share online. The students are having so much fun with this project!

Please see pictures below of a few of our students working so diligently. Also, check out @MsGray on instagram to see a video of our scholars singing “Hey Jude!” in music class!

Thanks and have a great night!

Ms. Gray

educreations 1 educreations

Donor’s Choose/Close Reading

Thank you!!! Room 208’s Donor’s Choose has been fully funded. All within 5 hours. I feel extremely lucky. The kids were all smiles when I told them. We will be getting 13×6 sets of books to use during our literature circles, 2 more big joe chairs, and white dry erase contact paper so students are able to write on their desks and walls to utilize classroom space.

Please keep in mind that 2 other teachers at Springdale also have Donor’s Choose projects. Mrs. Jacobson in kindergarten and Mrs. Murphy in 2nd grade!

In reading, we have started our journey of close reading! Yesterday, I asked the students what they thought the song “The story of my life” by One Direction meant. (The boys weren’t too happy about this choice of music!) Many students said “It’s about their life.” After closely reading the lyrics, and listening to the song, students came to find out that the song is actually nothing about their life, but rather a girl. They were amazed to see what close reading can do for their understanding.

After that, I had the students read an article about why leaves change color. I had them write a response in their reading journals regarding how chlorophyll effects the leaves changing colors. Today, the students closely read the article and annotated the text. After having a “deep understanding” of the text, I had the students respond to the same question as yesterday. It is incredible to see the differences in the responses after closely reading a text. We will contine to work on this skill throughout the week. Please see pictures below of students listening to the lyrics and the second teacher we have in our classroom to help us understand close reading.


Ms. Gray

close reading close reading 2

No taxation without representation/Kahoot vs. Mr. Sapia!

Such a fun Friday!!

To end such a great math unit, students worked on creating tessellations of their own! Tessellations was a topic that was discussed in unit 3. A tessellation of a flat surface is the tiling of one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps Please see pictures below of students tessellations.

As we near the end of our Global read aloud, Mr. Sapia and I thought it would be fun to test our knowledge of the book. MISS GRAY’S CLASS VS. MR. SAPIA’s class through skype and kahoot!!! We skyped as we answered questions on the book through an awesome application called Kahoot. Kahoot is a classroom response system which creates an engaging learning space, through a game-based digital pedagogy. We tested the students on comprehension as well as vocabulary. Miss Gray’s class came through with the win!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

During social studies today, we had a very special guest. The King of England came!! He taxed the colonist (students) and took all their money (Hershey kisses!) for various, unfair reasons. It was hilarious to see the kids get so upset when their money was taken away. (They ended up getting it back at the end of the lesson :)) The focus of this lesson was “no taxation without representation” and get a better understanding on how the colonist felt when the parliament treated them this way.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos of our day! Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Gray

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Math Assessment Thursday

We will have our math assessment tomorrow. Students should be studying hard tonight! They have their review to study from as well as previous homework. Please see our “second teachers” below that will also help students with their studying. The assessment will focus mainly on measuring angles, classifying angles, place value, triangles, and quadrangles.

We are working hard in writing gathering our notes and beginning the writing process! Any help at home with getting photographs, information, books, various notes, would be great! Thank you!

Ms. Gray

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