Persuasive Writing/ QR codes

Hi Everyone,

We have started our persuasive writing unit! We discussed reasons as to why students should/should not be paid for good grades. Students went to different corners of the room, depending on their stance on the topic. The 4 stance’s were STRONGLY AGREE, AGREE, DISAGREE, STRONGLY DISAGREE. Students were then able to write out their stance and provide supporting evidence for their beliefs. Please see pictures below of our students ideas!

persuasive 2 persuasive 3 persuasive 4pesuasive 5

In social studies, the students participated in a QR code scavenger hunt on the Boston Tea Party. Students had to scan the code, write down the question and work together in a group to come up with the answer. They had to check with me first before moving to the next QR code. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do more of these in other subjects. It gets our students up and moving and fully engaged!

qr codes 1 qr codes 2 qr codes 3


Ms. Gray

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