The Invisible Thread

This week we read a remarkable story called “The Invisible Thread- a Christmas story.”

the invisible thread

The book tells us a heartfelt story about a woman named Laura who comes across and homeless and hungry young boy in the city who is desperate for friendship and guidance. It was a reminder about what the holidays are really about.

Please see the video below of our characters 26 years later on the Today’s Show telling their story.


The Invisible Thread on the Today’s Show

Boston Massacre/Boston Tea Party

We have been studying the road to the American Revolution. We currently just finished the Boston Massacre and Tea Party. The students have been practicing skits about these two events to act out next week. We will be using a green screen so their skits can come alive! The app we are using is called DO INK Please see the passages below about these two events and talk about these events with your child at home.

Thank you!

boston tea party

The Honest Truth-Classroom Read Aloud

We’ve started our next classroom read aloud, “The Honest Truth,” by Dan Gemeinhart. Click the link below for a review.

The Honest Truth

We have also teamed up with Mr. Sapia’s class in Stamford, CT. Similar to The Global Read Aloud, we will be collaborating with his class to participate in various opportunities to learn and come together to discuss the text using technology. Below you can view a shared Padlet to view our predictions about what we think the story will be about. Please reinforce this book and have conversations at home with your child.



Close Reading

We are working on mastering the skill of close reading. Close reading is reading carefully and with purpose. Students are rereading the text multiple times and digging deeper after each read. Students should be annotating or taking notes in the margins as they’re reading.

To introduce the skill, we closely read the lyrics of “bad blood” by Taylor Swift. Most students had heard this song prior to the class but never truly understood the lyrics. After reading and listening to it multiple times, students were eventually able to break it down and give us an analysis of the words.

To practice the skill, we read the text below and are answering questions on it. Please talk to your students about this activity at home. Thank you!

close read of more than one way.

a close reader...

Reading <3

Please be sure that you are folliwng our google slide below that documents all of the read aloud’s we have done this year so far. We have already read so many picture books aloud! We love reading. Make sure to ask your child which  one was their favorite and why!