Science Experiments

Hi everyone,

Today in science, we will have 3 different stations going on. Each station will have a separate experiment. The first station will consist of using a tuning fork and rubber mallet. Students will strike the tuning fork with the rubber mallet. When we strike the tuning fork with the mallet, the tines vibrate. Students will have to answer questions such as “what does this event show about sound?”

The next station will be our bouncing salt station. Students will strike their tuning fork near our salt, and will observe what happens. What happens to the salt? Why did the salt do this?

The third station will be our can-and-string telephone station. Students will be able to understand how sound travels. They will observe and record any differences they notice with the different types of strings.

Please talk to your kids about these experiments at home.


Ms. Gray

Fraction Rap!

Hi everyone, For the next few days or so, our focus in math will be multiplying fractions. King Kaird’s cousin named Luca, who lives in Genoa, Italy, learned this in his 5th grade class last year. I loved it so much, I asked him to record a video so I could share it with our kids! He emailed this to me this morning. Thanks Luca! You rock!

“Multiplying fractions, no big problem

Top times top over bottom times bottom

Dividing fractions is easy as pie

flip the second fraction then multiply,

if adding or subtracting is your aim,

the bottom numbers must be the same

change the bottom numbers using multiply or divide

but the same for the top must be applied!

And don’t forget to simplify

before it’s time to say…Goodbye!!”

Happy Friday!

Hi everyone,

Today we skyped with Mr. Sapia! We skyped about whether students believe the school day should/should not be shorter. This is part of our persuasive literacy unit. Students have read various articles on this topic. They have each taken their stance and are working on drafting their own writing piece. Students were able to debate through skype with other 5th grade students at Rippowam Middle School.  It was so much fun to hear their beliefs and be able to argue their point using specific reasons with evidence. After skype, students met in their book clubs to discuss their book! We are entering week 5 in our book clubs. 3 weeks left!

Please see pictures below of our fun filled day. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

20 21 22 23 24 25

Persuasive writing

Today we focused on finding reasons and evidence in persuasive pieces of writing. Students read an article on whether or not students should have cell phones. As good readers, students can identify which pieces of evidence support which reasons. Students scanned QR codes which displayed pieces of evidence. Together in their groups, they had to decide the reasons to go with the piece of evidence. It was a lot of fun and got our kids up and moving!

Please see pictures below. Thanks!

Ms. Gray

photo-18 photo-17 photo-16 photo-15

Welcome Back!

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone had a fun but restful week off! It was great spending time at home but I missed these kids and was ready to come back!

In math, we are still in our fractions unit. The  main focus of this unit is to review the meaning of fraction, decimal and percent notations for rational numbers. Our unit assessment will be given this Friday, January 9th.

In reading and writing, we are still working in our persuasive writing unit. The students will be reading and writing an argumentative piece on whether they believe the school day should or should not be shortened.

We are finishing up the revolutionary war this week. We will then be moving on to science! Light and sound will be our next focus.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Ms. Gray