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Today in science the students participated in a QR code hunt. There were 6 QR codes they had to scan. The first 3 brought the students to different reading passages about light, how light travels, etc. The last 3 QR codes brought the students to questions about their passages. Students had to read, discuss, and take notes on the passages with their group. Students were up and moving around in the classroom, allowing them to stay fully engaged. Please see video below of our students in action.  If you would like to read the passages and see questions the students answered, please click on the “QR code” tab on the home page.

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All the Answers/SBAC Testing

We have started our next read aloud! We will be reading “All the Answers” by Kate Messner. The book captures the ups and downs a middle school-er may encounter, with a hint of magical realism! It is not necessary to for you buy a copy of the book, but this book is available at the library if interested.

all the answers 1 all the answers 2

SBAC testing is coming up in April. Practice tests are available for our students to take at home. (please see link below.) This does not have to be done every night, but it would be great if the students could work on the practice tests for at least 15 minutes 3 times a week. Please email me with any questions or concerns.

SBAC practice tests


Ms. Gray


Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! We started our Roald Dahl book clubs today. Students are either reading Danny the Champion of the World, The Witches, Matilda, or The Enormous Crocodile. The students were able to map out the book club schedule with their groups. They came up with their own jobs within the club and the number of pages they will be reading each week. The majority of the reading will be done in class. Work through edmodo at home is also expected.

We just finished our “Say What!?” embedded task in science. Students participated in the stroop effect testing which showed us how our brain reacts to conflicting stimuli. Students then designed their own investigation. They had to decide:

a. What one part of the investigation are you going to change?

b. List the parts of the investigation you are going to keep the same.

c. What observations will you record? How will you measure this change.

d. Describe your plan in numbered steps.

e. What is your prediction?

Students then tested their group members on their investigation. It was awesome!

Today we watched a video from the Discovery Channel called The Brain Games which discussed how our right brain and our left brain work together to function properly. This relates directly with the Say What embedded science task. Please see the video below. 🙂

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Hi Everyone,

Many of our kids were asking about valentines. I know it’s a late notice but I decided I will allow the kids to bring in valentines if they wish. Thursday around 3:00 we will pass out valentines and have some cupcakes. (Low key and very simple!) If you decide to bring in valentines, please have one for each student in the class. We have 22 students.























Field Trip/Math Test

Hi Everyone,

Field trip to the Capitol in Hartford has been rescheduled for March 5th. New permission slips have been sent home. Please have them signed and returned by no later than February 24th.

Unit 6 math tests went home tonight. Please sign and return!


Ms. Gray

Mid Year Motivation

Hi Everyone,

We have made it half way through the year! I decided to do a lesson today on staying motivated. Whether it be the cold weather, snow, dark days, minimal sunshine, etc, we can all lose our motivation. We need reminders every once in a while as to why working hard is important.

I brought the students to the carpet and we discussed what drives, motivates, and inspires us. We talked about what it looks like to work hard and how we can give 100% each day. We talked about being good people and kind to one another.

I passed out the lyrics to “I lived” by One Republic. We closely read the lyrics and discussed what they meant. We then watched the music video which was extremely powerful. The video is a touching tribute to one teenage fan, Byran Warnecke, and his stugglles of living with cystic fibrosis.

In the clip we see Warnecke making the most of his life — bicycling, skateboarding and playing hockey — intercut with footage of his youth, as he explains what it’s like living with the hereditary disease. Meanwhile, One Republic sings along with performance footage. “It feels like I’m breathing through a straw,” says Warnecke, whose life expectancy is 36, according to the video. “Whenever I try to breath hard it hurts. I want to make the most out of my life and have as much fun as I possibly can and my biggest fear is not being able to do that.”

I wanted students to realize how lucky they are and to live each day to its fullest potential. To never take anything for granted and always work hard. But most importantly, be good people. We then colored some inspirational quotes which will be hung around the classroom for reminders on this lesson.

Please see the lyrics, video, and quotes that we used today.

Thanks for checking in and enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Gray

“I Lived”

[Verse 1]
Hope when you take that jump
You don’t fear the fall
Hope when the water rises
You build a wallHope when the crowd screams out
They’re screaming your name
Hope if everybody runs
You choose to stay

Hope that you fall in love
And it hurts so bad
The only way you can know
Is give it all you have

And I hope that you don’t suffer
But take the pain
Hope when the moment comes
You’ll say…

I, I did it all
I, I did it all
I owned every second
That this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived

[Verse 2]
Hope that you spend your days
But they all add up
And when that sun goes down
Hope you raise your cup

I wish that I could witness
All your joy and all your pain
But until my moment comes
I’ll say…

I, I did it all
I, I did it all
I owned every second
That this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived

beengivenmuch bethechange dosomethingamazing(2) goldenrule learningtreasure littlelight loveoneanother mistakes parachutes predictthefuture

Say What?!?!

Hi everyone,

For the next three days, we will be completing the “Say What” embedded task in science. Students will explore factors affecting human reaction time. In investigation #1, students will use a technique for measuring the reaction time of different individuals. They will observe how long it takes group members to respond to conflicting stimuli. Noting that people have different reaction times, students will explore possible factors that might influence the brain’s response to conflicting stimuli. In both experiments, students will learn about the importance of controlling variables to make a fair test so that results are more reliable.

Please click on the link below to play the game we played in class today. The brain’s delayed response to conflicting stimuli is known as the “Stroop Effect.” This game gives us ways to really understand the stroop effect! Students had lots of fun playing! Please feel free to play at home. 🙂


Ms. Gray

The Stroop Effect


Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it’s already February?!?! I can’t. Maybe it’s all these snow days/delays/early release days that are making the time fly! We will just have to make the most of it 🙂

Our field trip had to be cancelled due to the snow, so I decided to try to bring the field trip to room 208! Students received a workbook which covers information on state and federal governments. We discussed what we already knew about the government as well as what we hope to learn about the government! Students broke into groups and pretended that they were stuck on a deserted island. As a group, they had to make a list of at least five laws that their society agrees are important. Tomorrow they will complete this activity and make their own “constitution” for their society. Please see pictures below of our students working hard.

Our math test for unit 6 will be Thursday. Official review/study guide will be given out tomorrow.

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Ms. Gray

deserted island 1 deserted island 2 deserted island 3 deserted island 4