Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday! We started our Roald Dahl book clubs today. Students are either reading Danny the Champion of the World, The Witches, Matilda, or The Enormous Crocodile. The students were able to map out the book club schedule with their groups. They came up with their own jobs within the club and the number of pages they will be reading each week. The majority of the reading will be done in class. Work through edmodo at home is also expected.

We just finished our “Say What!?” embedded task in science. Students participated in the stroop effect testing which showed us how our brain reacts to conflicting stimuli. Students then designed their own investigation. They had to decide:

a. What one part of the investigation are you going to change?

b. List the parts of the investigation you are going to keep the same.

c. What observations will you record? How will you measure this change.

d. Describe your plan in numbered steps.

e. What is your prediction?

Students then tested their group members on their investigation. It was awesome!

Today we watched a video from the Discovery Channel called The Brain Games which discussed how our right brain and our left brain work together to function properly. This relates directly with the Say What embedded science task. Please see the video below. 🙂

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Ms. Gray

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