Expository Writing

Hi Everyone,

Below is the expository pillar we are using in class to help us write our expository essay on our inventor. As a class, we have been studying Ben Franklin. I decided to have the class as a whole write an expository essay together on Ben Franklin so the students understand what it looks it and the strategies needed to write an effective essay. We have color coded the parts of the essay. As we read information about Ben Franklin, we highlighted the particular information in the specific color needed.

Students will do the same with their own inventor using this expository pillar to help.

Blue= Introduction

Green= Main idea 1. (Background information, what inspired them to be an inventor)

Purple= Main idea 2.(Information on the invention. choose 1 if your inventor has more than 1 invention)

Red= Main Idea 3.(impact the invention has on the world.)

Blue= Conclusion

expository pillar color coded

Thanks and have a great day!

Ms. Gray


We watched this motivational video today. Even though this video is geared towards adults, we discussed how it can fit into their lives. With middle school around the corner, I want them to enjoy their last few months at Springdale with some of their best friends. I hope they never forget these “moments!”

Please check it out for some inspiration. 🙂

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Earth Day/SBAC

Hi Everyone,

Happy Earth Day! Today we discussed Earth Day and how important it is take care of our beautiful home! We will be cleaning up trash around the school after SBAC testing this afternoon to participate in Earth Day. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference 🙂 Please see the video below of what we watched in class.

Don’t forget to have your child bring in resources on inventor to start the expository writing piece in class next week. Everyone’s at home project has been approved. Good luck and have fun!!!


Ms. Gray

P.S. Please see the letter below which I found online. I loved it so much, I read it to our kids today before the test.

SBAC letter

Inventor Project

Hi Parents,

Our children will be bringing home information in regards to their inventor project. Please read over the packet and feel free to ask me any questions. The students need to choose their top 3 inventors and bring in the bottom part of the paper tomorrow. Please click on the link below to view possible inventors.

inventors list

We used our “talents” way of thinking and thought of the “many, varied, and unusual” ways to present our project for the academic showcase that will take place on May 15th. .  Power points and poster boards are NOT allowed. Ideas for project include, but are not limited to…


-wax museum

-web page (wordpress.com)


-clay sculpture


-interview show

-play, act it out


-rap about the inventor

-book (once upon a time…)

-create a game

-puppet show


-stop motion movie

-green screen.

-news cast

In the packet, you will see it states that students must bring in their own research from home in order to write the expository essay about their inventor at school. The ipads and computer lab are currently being used for the next 3 weeks due to SBAC testing, therefore, it is very difficult to get research done in school. If you/students find articles at home that may be beneficial for our students, please email them to me and I will be more than happy to print them off for you.


Ms. Gray


Hi Everyone,

As part of our inventors unit, students created a list of “many, varied, and unusual” things that bother them (that they can fix.) From this list, students were to chose one, and invent a product that will fix this bothersome problem! Once students decided on their new product, they were then asked to write a persuasive piece explaining why this product will sell. They also had to create a poster for their product and a commercial for their product which we will be filming with our green screens. Students are hard at work on their products and seem to be having so much fun with this. Please be sure to discuss this with your children at home.

Students will soon be doing research on an inventor  of their choice and will write an expository essay on that inventor. More information soon to come!!


Ms. Gray

invention 1 invention 2 invention 3 invention 4 invention 5 invention 6

SBAC Test Schedule

SBAC testing will start next week. Please see the schedule for the 5th graders below.

Mon 4/13
4th ELA CAT 10-12
5th ELA CAT 12:30-2:30
Tues 4/14
Wed. 4/15 early dismissal
5th in-class ELA
Thur. 4/16
3rd ELA CAT 9:15- 11:15
5th ELA PT
Fri. 4/17
3rd finishers/ 4th in-class ELA
5th finishers/ 3rd in class ELA
Mon. 4/20
3rd ELA PT
4th ELA PT
Tues. 4/21
Wed. 4/22
4th Math CAT 10-12
5th Math CAT 12:30-2:30
Thur. 4/23
3rd Math CAT 9:15-11:15
4/5 finishers 1:15-3:15
Fri. 4/24
4th in-class Math
Mon. 4/27
4th Math PT 10-12
Tues. 4/28
5th in-class Math
Wed. 4/29
3rd in-class Math
5th Math PT 12:30-2:30
Thur. 4/30
3rd Math PT 9:15-11:15
Fri. 4/31

Animoto Class Memories

Animoto has been such a huge hit in our classroom. Students seem to really enjoy creating their own videos to express their ideas.

One of our students decided to make a video over break titled “Class Memories.” I thought it was pretty cute so I decided to share! Please check it out below.

New Math Unit/Learning to Look.

Hi Everyone,

Unit 8 math tests will be sent home tonight. Please sign and return. Unit 9 covers coordinates, area, volume, and capacity. Students will practice naming and locating ordered number pairs on a coordinate grid. Whole numbers, fractions, and negative numbers will be used as coordinates. Students will also review formulas for perimeters and areas they learned in 4th grade. Lastly, students will learn how to find volume (the amount of space an object takes up) as well as capacity (the amount of material a container can hold.)

Learning to Look begins today! Learning to look is an art program that will last for the next 8 weeks. It teachers our students to view art differently and to understand what pictures are really showing us. The program will be concluded with a field trip to the metropolitan art museum in New York City!

Thanks for checking in!

Ms. Gray