Inventor Project

Hi Parents,

Our children will be bringing home information in regards to their inventor project. Please read over the packet and feel free to ask me any questions. The students need to choose their top 3 inventors and bring in the bottom part of the paper tomorrow. Please click on the link below to view possible inventors.

inventors list

We used our “talents” way of thinking and thought of the “many, varied, and unusual” ways to present our project for the academic showcase that will take place on May 15th. .  Power points and poster boards are NOT allowed. Ideas for project include, but are not limited to…


-wax museum

-web page (


-clay sculpture


-interview show

-play, act it out


-rap about the inventor

-book (once upon a time…)

-create a game

-puppet show


-stop motion movie

-green screen.

-news cast

In the packet, you will see it states that students must bring in their own research from home in order to write the expository essay about their inventor at school. The ipads and computer lab are currently being used for the next 3 weeks due to SBAC testing, therefore, it is very difficult to get research done in school. If you/students find articles at home that may be beneficial for our students, please email them to me and I will be more than happy to print them off for you.


Ms. Gray

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