SBAC Test Schedule

SBAC testing will start next week. Please see the schedule for the 5th graders below.

Mon 4/13
4th ELA CAT 10-12
5th ELA CAT 12:30-2:30
Tues 4/14
Wed. 4/15 early dismissal
5th in-class ELA
Thur. 4/16
3rd ELA CAT 9:15- 11:15
5th ELA PT
Fri. 4/17
3rd finishers/ 4th in-class ELA
5th finishers/ 3rd in class ELA
Mon. 4/20
3rd ELA PT
4th ELA PT
Tues. 4/21
Wed. 4/22
4th Math CAT 10-12
5th Math CAT 12:30-2:30
Thur. 4/23
3rd Math CAT 9:15-11:15
4/5 finishers 1:15-3:15
Fri. 4/24
4th in-class Math
Mon. 4/27
4th Math PT 10-12
Tues. 4/28
5th in-class Math
Wed. 4/29
3rd in-class Math
5th Math PT 12:30-2:30
Thur. 4/30
3rd Math PT 9:15-11:15
Fri. 4/31

Animoto Class Memories

Animoto has been such a huge hit in our classroom. Students seem to really enjoy creating their own videos to express their ideas.

One of our students decided to make a video over break titled “Class Memories.” I thought it was pretty cute so I decided to share! Please check it out below.

New Math Unit/Learning to Look.

Hi Everyone,

Unit 8 math tests will be sent home tonight. Please sign and return. Unit 9 covers coordinates, area, volume, and capacity. Students will practice naming and locating ordered number pairs on a coordinate grid. Whole numbers, fractions, and negative numbers will be used as coordinates. Students will also review formulas for perimeters and areas they learned in 4th grade. Lastly, students will learn how to find volume (the amount of space an object takes up) as well as capacity (the amount of material a container can hold.)

Learning to Look begins today! Learning to look is an art program that will last for the next 8 weeks. It teachers our students to view art differently and to understand what pictures are really showing us. The program will be concluded with a field trip to the metropolitan art museum in New York City!

Thanks for checking in!

Ms. Gray

Fish in a Tree

I read this book over break and its fantastic! I will be raffling it off in class for students to read over the next 2 months. I only have 1 copy so feel free to buy a copy or visit the library. Its a fantastic book discussing friendship and the power of a great educational experience. I cannot wait to share this with our students 🙂

fish in a tree

Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back! Happy Spring 🙂 I hope that you enjoyed your week with the kids.

Tomorrow, April 7th, we will be attending the book fair. Our time slot is 2:20-2:40. Each classroom will visit  browse and buy books. For those students who did not bring money with them, they can fill out a Wish List and bring it home for parental review and possibly bring money in to purchase those books. Parents are welcome to come during their child’s class visit!

Ryan Kelly will be visiting with the 5th graders tomorrow afternoon. So excited to hear and learn about his invention and how it all got started.

In science, we are continuing to work on our light unit. I am asking that students bring in either an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. We will be making our own kaleidoscopes with them. Students will just need 1 for themselves. We will need them by Friday, April 10th. (Please bring in any extras if available!) Thank you!

Thanks and enjoy your week 🙂

Ms. Gray