Kids being Kids

See videos below of kids yesterday during recess and during class yesterday planning their green screen skits on westward expansion using our “word of the week” words from the entire year! Kids being kids and being awesome at it!

Lewis and Clark

Today we learned about Lewis and Clark’s expedition out west. To start the lesson, I had students close their eyes and feel inside of a paper bag and guess the items that were inside. Dog bone, compass, trail mix, journal, and a pen were inside the bags. We discussed what these items had to do with Lewis and Clark and why they were significant to them. We then broke off into stations and completed various tasks on the topic. Click the link below to see the work we did today!

Please remember that field day is Friday with a picnic to follow. Sunblock and water are a MUST. It is going to be VERY HOT! We are TEAM GRAY!!!!! Don’t forget to wear GRAY!!!


Ms. Gray

photo (19) photo (20) photo (21)

5th grade picnic

Please see below. This flyer was sent home last week. Don’t forget to sign up!!! Thank you!


As our kids look to wrap up 5th Grade at Springdale, what better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with a Class Picnic!

Date – Friday, May 29th

Time – Noon (Immediately following Field Day)
Location – Springdale School Park

The snack bar is being opened and our wonderful volunteers will grill up some burgers and hotdogs for lunch. In addition, we also need the supplies listed below.  Please be sure to sing up on Signup Genius ( or let your teacher know via email or a note in the HW folder if you are sending food in, so we can plan accordingly.

Miss DeFilippis’ and Miss Slocum’s classesChips and Cut Fruit (Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Grapes etc)

Miss Gray and Miss Latosh’s classesPretzels and Desserts

Additionally, to manage the snack bar, we will need 2-3 volunteers- please sing up on Signup Genius or let Sue Ciocci ( know if you can help. Thanks and feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Covered Wagons

Today we learned about covered wagons and how they were used to travel out west. We learned that there was a 2,000 pound weight limit. After studying the materials and supplies needed for the trek, students chose specific items they thought they needed for their trek. The items were listed with their weight. They could not go over 2,000 lbs! Please see video below of students working hard. Also see the video we watched about the struggles the Donner Party encourted on their journey out west.


Ms. Gray

The Donner Party

Manifest Destiny and Louisiana Purchase

Hi Everyone,

Today we worked on Manifest Destiny and the Louisiana purchase. We did a QR code hunt where students scanned QR codes and answered questions. Please see link below to my QR code page where you can see what the students were reading.  We also watched another quick video on manifest destiny and played a board game called “westward expansion.” Students were given scenarios of what could happen on their route out west. Fun was had by all 🙂 Please see below.

photo (9) photo (10) photo (11) photo (12) photo (13) photo (14) photo (15) photo (16) photo (17) photo (18)


  • 5/21- Dolan in the morning & spring concert in the afternoon
  • 5/22- Spring concert at 10:00
  • 5/26- State Theatre to see Charlotte’s web at 12:30.
  • 5/29- Field day in the morning and picnic in the afternoon. (6/5 rain date)
  • 6/2- Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • 6/9- Adventure park in Bridgeport

Please email me with any questions!


Ms. Gray

Westward Movement

Hi Everyone, Today we are starting our unit on the Westward Movement. To kickoff this unit, we read an article, discussed, and watched a video. Please see the videos below that we watched. Students homework tonight is a reading on Manifest Destiny. Be sure to discuss this with your kids at home.

Please see the transcript from Today’s Meet room that the students used to write facts down as they read.

Today’s Meet

Thank you! Ms. Gray

Academic Showcase

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited for you to see our students works of art this Friday! They are fantastic and have all worked very hard.

I decided to have the kids present their projects to the class on Thursday, before the showcase on Friday. It will give them practice as to what to say on Friday. It will also be nice for the students to show their classmates what they have made.

The expository essay’s are complete and ready for display as well. WOO HOO!

Excited to see many of you this Friday at the showcase at 1:15!

Ms. Gray

Math and Science Tests

Tomorrow we will have a math test on unit 9. Students have a study guide to study from tonight.

Science test on light and the eyeball will be on Friday. A diagram with parts of the eyeball labeled is below to help students with studying.


eyeball parts

Powerful Readers

There is just something so powerful when a classroom of 10-11 year old children beg and plead to have more independent reading time each day. The room is never as quiet as it is during independent reading time. Reading in 208 is something we all cherish and treasure. I am so proud of each student this year as I watch them grow into life-long readers. I hope they take the joy of reading they show in this classroom into their future classrooms and at home!

Two books that really sparked my interest and taught me a lot about the importance of elementary reading are below. I highly advise you check them out!

reading in the wildthe book whisperer

Please also see the list of books I have brought into the classroom that our children absolutely love. Not every student has had the opportunity to read each one so check them out at the library 🙂

lootel deafocourage for beginnershalf a chancefish in a tree cover bookall the answers picture coverthe crossover bookmr lemoncello'sstella by starlightrain reignflora and ulyssesthe paperboywhen you reach mewonderone and only ivanmy life as a stunt boyabsolutely almost

Please see pictures below of our students deep in their books this past Monday.

reading 1 reading 2 reading 3 reading 4 reading 5 reading 6 reading 7