No Taxation Without Representation!

Today I had a special friend come in and teach the students about what NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION means. Students had so much fun learning about what it was liked to be taxed as a colonist and how it was handled. The king came in, CROWN AND ALL, with his tax collectors to collect students candy as “taxes.” It was great for them to really get an idea of what the colonist experienced. Please see the video below.

Donor’s Choose!

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Donor’s Choose!


Today we started writing. Students will be writing a memoir of their own. We read 2 stories which were memoirs that gave students a better understanding as to what a memoir looks like.

memoir chart for site

Today we read “Trombone Shorty” which is a memoir of Troy Andrews life and his upbringing in New Orleans. We also watched his music video. Please see video below.

R.A.C.E Response

Tonight’s homework involves students responding to a question from Fish in a Tree using the R.A.C.E format.

RACE is an acronym to help students organize their thoughts to be able to write a proper reader’s response. RACE is being implemented into all classrooms at Springdale school this year. Please see an example question below and how to use RACE to answer the question.

What is your favorite food and why? 

R– RESTATE THE QUESTION. (My favorite food is pizza.)

A– ANSWER THE QUESTION (My favorite food is pizza because it tastes better than any other food.)

C- Cite evidence/quotes and give details. (Pizza tastes the best with pepperoni’s. Pepperoni’s make pizza taste a little spicy and I like it when my food is spicy. Pizza is also easy to make. All you need is dough, sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you want to add. I like how you can make a pizza exactly how you want it. Sometimes pizza can get delivered to your doorstep. It’s so convenient! What other foods can be directly delivered to your doorstep?)

E– End with a summary statement. (As you can see, there are many reason’s why pizza is the best food.)


Chatter pix is a great app that let’s ANYTHING talk. Students drew a picture of Ally, our main character in Fish in a Tree. They had to pretend they were her and explain how she felt in 30 seconds. We can’t wait to use this more and go deeper with it.

Please check out some videos below.


Ms. Gray

Inferring Character Traits

Yesterday and today we worked on inferring character traits. To INFER, students have to “read between the lines.” Students must use their background knowledge, plus what they are observing, and then make their inference. Kids are naturally good observers but do not always pay close attention to detail. Therefore, inferring character traits takes practice.

We started the lesson by going through my person. What are the objects in Ms. Gray’s purse and what does it tell you about her??? (What can you infer about her???)

Please see the chart below.


We then looked at a picture and talked about what we could infer. Please see picture below. What can you infer about the dog? After that students broke out into groups and read passages from our global read aloud book where they had to infer character traits of the characters in the text. They also looked at more pictures and inferred what was happening.

inferring picture 1

Please talk to your kids about this activity at home!


Ms. Gray