Non Fiction Reports

This is our last week that we will be working our non fiction reports. Students spent lots of time researching. We then took their research and put it into separate paragraphs. Now students are typing their paragraphs in their google slide. Once everything is typed, they are then able to add pictures, graphics, etc. Please see the video below of our students today working so hard during literacy stations. They have become pro’s at this.

We always have 5 stations. We typically get through 2-3 a day. Our stations always consists of:

  • -Independent reading
  • -Raz kids (or more independent reading; their choice)
  • -Teacher station (I work with the group on what I feel necessary at that time)

The other two stations vary, depending on what the focus of study is at that time. Lately we have been working on annotating text and our non fiction report. Therefore, the last two stations have consisted of:

  • close reads and annotating text
  • Chromebooks for research and note taking.

Please see the video below of Mrs. Latosh’s homeroom during our staions today. They rocked it.


Non Fiction Text Structures

Today we deepend our understanding of Non Fiction by studying text structure. Text structure refers to the ways that authors organize information in text. Teaching students to recognize the underlying structure of content-area texts can help students focus attention on key concepts and relationships, anticipate what’s to come, and monitor their comprehension as they read. Please see the chart below that we use in class as our “second teacher” to assist with this.


Ms. Gray


Note taking from a video and paraphrasing

Hi Everyone,

We have been hard at work on our non fiction e-book reports. This week we focused on how to paraphrase when taking notes as well as how to take notes from a video.


Please see the poster we have used to help us with paraphrasing and the one of the video’s we watched to learn how to take notes from a video. Be sure to discuss this with your children at home and ask them the strategies we learned to accomplish this!



Non Fiction Report

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back! During the month of January, students will be working on a non fiction report. Rather than traditional report writing, students will be writing an “e-book” instead. We will be using google slides as our tool to present. Please see the slide template below. The project can be on any non fiction topic of their choosing.

Google Slide Template

Please also see project expectations below. Thanks!


  • Finished product should be ABOUT a 16-18 page book, created in Google Slides,  that not only includes 4-5 or so “chapters/sub-topics” but also has a glossary, table of contents, work cited, front and back cover, as well as an about the author.
  • Font size of text should be at least 20, but no larger.
  • Students will use at least one print research material and supplement with reliable internet sources.
  • We will spend time in class researching, writing, as well as sharing our work.  Students should be able to finish this in class if time is spent wisely.
  • This project will be due on Friday, January 29th, 2016

Thanks to Pernille Ripp for creating this project for us! Please see an example project below.

Sample Project

-Ms. Gray