Non Fiction Reports

This is our last week that we will be working our non fiction reports. Students spent lots of time researching. We then took their research and put it into separate paragraphs. Now students are typing their paragraphs in their google slide. Once everything is typed, they are then able to add pictures, graphics, etc. Please see the video below of our students today working so hard during literacy stations. They have become pro’s at this.

We always have 5 stations. We typically get through 2-3 a day. Our stations always consists of:

  • -Independent reading
  • -Raz kids (or more independent reading; their choice)
  • -Teacher station (I work with the group on what I feel necessary at that time)

The other two stations vary, depending on what the focus of study is at that time. Lately we have been working on annotating text and our non fiction report. Therefore, the last two stations have consisted of:

  • close reads and annotating text
  • Chromebooks for research and note taking.

Please see the video below of Mrs. Latosh’s homeroom during our staions today. They rocked it.


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