Oregon Trail

We have been working very hard on our Oregon Trail activities. Students have decided what to put in their wagons, based off of weight and explained in a written response why they chose those items. They also wrote a journal entry as if they were traveling on the trail. They had to include what they would see, what they would feel, and what they would pack. Please see them on their Seesaw accounts.

Lastly, we have started playing an Oregon Trail card game. This game reviews the hardships pioneers faced as they traveled but also focuses on figurative language practice. See pictures below.

Thank you!


Packing up our Wagons!

Today the students came in and saw that the desks have been transformed into covered wagons! Today, they acted as pioneers and had to decide what to bring in their wagon for their 5 month journey down the Oregon Trail. We watched a short video on the Donner Party to help us understand what the journey was really like. Please see video, pictures, and lesson below. Thanks!

pack up your wagon

covered wagon



Westward Expansion Vocabulary

Today we focused on words that were unfamiliar to us as we begin studying our Westward expansion unit. We played Ellen DeGeneres’s game called “HEADS UP” as a “check for understanding” tool. We then brought it outside and turned it into a relay race because the weather was SO BEAUTIFUL! The 5 vocab words we focused on today were:

American Frontier

Manifest Destiny

Homestead Act


Louisiana Purchase.

Please check out instagram at MsGray5 to see us playing our vocab games and be sure to discuss these words with your child at home.


Ms. Gray

Grade 5 Invention SHOWCASE

Our students will present their inventions this Wednesday, April 13th. The 10 judges will be here in the morning to view the inventions while the students are at Special. After special, students will present their inventions to the judges directly.

Parents, you may view the inventions from 2:15-3:00.

This week, we will be having dress rehearsals to get us ready!!!! Please see the flyers below that we are using to help us prepare.

presentation tips