Class Read Alouds

Along with our chapter book read aloud, we read lots of picture books. The picture books help us with our lessons. Please see the slide below to check out all of the picture books we have read so far. Be sure to click the “picture book” tab above to keep up with the books we have read.



Realistic Fiction Stories/Summarizing

Hi Everyone,

We have come to the end of our realistic fiction unit. Students have started working on writing a realistic fiction story of their own. They are in the beginning stages of it but are doing a great job.

At the same time, we are also learning to summarize a FICTIONAL story. Summarizing fiction and non fiction look very different. While it is important to know how to summarize both, we are working on summarizing fiction right now. Please see the chart below that we are using in class to help us with our writing.


Ms. Gray



Problem and Solution

For the last part of our realistic fiction unit, students will be learning about problem and solution.

Problem: something that is causing trouble or harm that needs to be solved.

Solution: How the problem is solved.

Students will be looking at the following pictures and responding as to what the problem and the solution is. I will be looking for correct answers but also complete sentences, spelling, and punctuation.











Today we went over vocabulary and key concepts in order to prepare for our quiz on Friday.

Please visit

click “log in”

username: erinegray87

password: springdale

There are flashcards, pronunciations, pictures, matching games, and more. Please play this at home during the week to be prepared for Friday. Students are also coming home with notes and paper flash cards as well.



Ms. Gray

Finding the Theme

Hi Everyone,

Finding the theme of the story seems to be something most of us are struggling with. It is important for students to know that the theme of the story should be universal. Please see the chart below with common themes in literature.

We read the picture book “The Dark” by Lemony Snicket and wrote about the theme. Please see below to listen to the story. Please check seesaw very soon to see a SPECIAL post by our students about what the theme is and why.



common themes in books.PNG

SBAC prep

Hi Everyone,

Fourth and Fifth grade students will be practicing responding to an SBAC prompt once a month until the testing date. The passage the students read was called “Alternative Sources of Energy” which focused on wind power, solar energy, and geothermal energy. We read the passage together and took notes. We discussed how to properly write a RACE response and use SPECIFIC evidence from the text to support our answer. We then watched the video below to help us understand the text.

Their responses will be posted to seesaw soon. Please take a look at them and discuss them with your child.

Thank you!

Ms. Gray