Invention Convention

Hi Everyone,

We have officially started our new unit PERSUASIVE/OPINION writing. We will be starting the Invention Convention program during this unit. Springdale’s invention convention will take place on Friday, March 10th. 10 students from Springdale will be chosen to move on to the state convention at UCONN STORRS on Saturday, April 29th.

Students will be inventing something on their own. The invention will be done at home, while the writing part portion will be done in school. The invention should be completed by the students, not parents. They will be judged by the IDEA behind the invention, not whether their invention currently works or not. For example, one student wanted to invent a suit case with larger wheels to help her grandmother carry it around. The student used paper plates and taped them to the suitcase to demonstrate how her invention would work. The idea behind the invention was what she was judged on, not whether or not her invention worked.

Students should bring in a 3 ring binder by FRIDAY, JANUARY 6th! If you are not able to bring in a 3 ring binder, please let me know. The binder will be used to log students progress towards their invention. Judges will walk around during the convention and will review their log as part of the  judging process. Please see a few videos below as to how invention convention works.

Thank you!

Ms. Gray








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