Week in Review by Keyli

Hi! I’m Keyli and i’m going to give you a report of what we’ve been doing all week!!

First off, in literacy, we’ve mostly had a catch up week, we needed to catch up on most of the work that we need to finish. One of the things that we had to do was 100 hundred years old. In 100 years old, we wrote what we do if were were 100 years old and  write in that perspective. Another thing we were doing is an OREO responsive on video games, aliens, uniforms, and if we should eat junk food in school. Students had to start an OREO on one of these topics. They had to start of with an opinion, then go off to 3 reasons, with 3 examples to go with them. Another thing we had to do, was a fluency tutor  summary using somebody, wanted, but, so then. For non-fiction, we used topic, main idea,and three supporting details. Last but not least, we did an activity using an item called breakout. Today, we used it for a Dr.Suess activity using clues and pages of the book to break the lock. Ms. Gray thought it would take 30 minutes, when it took 6!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review!

~ Keyli

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