Week In Review by Riley

Hi! My name is Riley and I will be giving you a little update on what we have been doing in literacy this week. Things have been pretty hectic this week because of Invention Convention and snow days, so bare with me. There was no literacy class on Monday, due to the Invention Convention. Invention Convention was crazy! There were not as many judges as planned, due to the rescheduled date, but there were still a ton of judges! A lot of classes, teachers, and parents visited. There was no school on Tuesday due to the snowstorm.  On Wednesday, the class was introduced to EdCite, a website that has texts and questions that are very similar to SBAC. Ms. Gray had us do a text as a class, then on Thursday had us do one on our own. On Thursday in stations, Ms. Gray made us a video on Screencast, where she had us do a text and talked us through it. On Friday, we continued stations, and also did a little packet on limericks for St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you enjoyed my “Week In Review”!


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