Videos for Math

Hi Everyone,

Today in Math the students will be working on groups to review 4th grade math concepts before we get into 5th grade concepts. In case they are in need of help, they can use the links below to watch videos that will assist them.

Hi Kids,

If you are needing help during your math group review work today, click on the videos below to help you. Remember to take your time and COLLABORATE with each other.


Finding Factor Pairs

Finding AREA

Parallel Lines

Marshmallow Challenge Reflection Form

Hi Everyone,
Today the students participated in a Marshmallow and Spaghetti challenge. Student had to create the tallest tower using only marshmallows, spaghetti, and tape. The challenge promotes teamwork and perseverance. After they were done, that were to fill out a reflection sheet so I could learn more about their thoughts and feelings towards the activity. Please see the form below. Please see pictures and videos of the kids participating in the activity on my Instagram account @MrsDurocher5.


Reflection form