Character Traits

Hi Everyone,

So far this year the students have learned about theme & what it means to infer. We have now moved onto inferring character traits. The students have been working on task cards during stations to identify the characters trait. It is important that they tell me how they know what the trait is using evidence from the text. Without the evidence, the answer will not get credit. Please see the task cards below & check this out on their google classroom account!

While working on the task cards independently, I am working with the students in small groups on inferring character traits. In the small groups, I have students reading a text that is one level above their current DRA/LEXILE level. With the support from me, the students are able to read the text and infer character traits by finding evidence from the text. The goal is to have the students eventually reading independently at this level.

Lastly, students are drawing out pictures of them using words to describe their inside and outside traits. Please ask your children about this at home.

Thanks for checking in!


Mrs. Durocher

list 1

list 2


character trait 1.PNG



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