The schedule will run on a color schedule. RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE PURPLE.


Specials are as follows:

RED day special-  GYM

ORANGE day special- ART

YELLOW day special- MUSIC

GREEN day special- GYM

BLUE day special-  ART

PURPLE day special- music and computer lab


Academic Schedule:

9:00-9:20: Morning meeting

9:20-9:50-word work

9:50-10:30- social studies/science

10:30-11:15- special

11:15-12:10- Math

12:10-12:35- recess

12:35-1:00- lunch

1:00-2:30- Readers Workshop

2:30-3:00- Writers workshop

3:00-3:15 Read Aloud

3:15- Dismissal






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