Springdale School Attendance Policy

Springdale School Attendance Policy

***Please do your best to ensure that your child attends school daily. Attendance has a direct link to students’ academic achievement and is not only essential, but a part of the law. We understand that absences happen and that there are valid reasons. If your child is absent, you must send a note in your child’s homework folder or call the office to excuse the absence. ***

1) If your child is absent for 3 consecutive days without a note or phone call to the school, the teacher is mandated to report the absences to the social worker and make a phone call home. Once parent contact is made, the teacher will notify the social worker for the reason of the extended absences and to confirm parent contact was made.
a. If a student has reached 3 unexcused absences in one month, school social worker will also be contacted.

2) If your child is tardy 5 times (if not on school bus) the teacher will make a phone call home. Please ensure that your child is in class by 9 a.m. daily as that is when we begin our academic day. If repeated tardiness continues after the teacher has called home, the school social worker will be contacted.

3) If your child reaches 9 absences (excused or unexcused) total, the CT state law states that the 10th absence, and all absences thereafter, are only excused for the following reasons.

– student illness (with doctor’s note)

– student observance religious holiday

– death in the student’s family or other emergency beyond the control of the student’s family

– mandated court appearances (with appropriate documentation)

– lack of transportation that is normally provided by the district other than the one the student attends

– extraordinary educational opportunities pre-approved by district administrators and in accordance with CT State Dept. of Education guidance

-meets the definition of disciplinary absence.

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